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  1. 2014-07-16 15.03.39

    Creative Steps – Masterclass

    Crafts Programme By Tina Kardasinska 1 Comment

    2014-07-16 15.03.13
    Re-cycling at its best! Woolly Wednesday had their first Masterclass in rag-rolling today… Take a stack of cut up t-shirts, assorted materials, and a few special tools – and check out the results we are aiming for! The tutor had everyone practicing a smooth and a fluffy texture and the look is perfect for touchy-feely cushion fronts, wall hangings or even a full size rug if you get carried away!

  2. 2014-06-26 15.06.30

    Creative Steps – Resource Centres

    Crafts Programme By Tina Kardasinska 3 Comments

    2014-07-10 15.07.34Jewellery making at Brand Street Resource Centre & the Stewart Centre is really getting into full swing! We have been busy getting to grips with double stranded beading and combining wire and cord. It always seem to be a sunny day when we meet so finished pieces seem to have that beach vibe! Great work! And loads of chat – an hour outside and still chatting I hear!

  3. AIR Space Ceramics

    Artist in residence By Geraldine Greene Leave a Comment

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    The AIR Space has been a hive of dusty creative activity recently, since the community ceramics project has got underway.

    Through a series of talks and discussions, local walks and hands-on ceramic tile making workshops, people have been investigating the historic use of architectural ceramics such as tile and mosaic work in traditional buildings in Govan, discovering original features still existing in tenement ‘Wally’ closes, shopfronts entranceways and significant public buildings in the area.

    People have also been designing and making new tiles, experiencing the entire ceramic production process through the stages of designing, sculpting, mould making, pressing, glazing and firing the clay to make the finished tiles.

    The project will be running over the next few months – look out for an exhibition of the ceramic work made in the Autumn at Gallery 966.

    The ceramics project is run by Portal Artists in Residence Sarah Bland, Fiona Fleming & Geraldine Greene, and is part of the Govan Cross Townscape Heritage Initiative, funded by Glasgow City Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

  4. 2014-06-24 15.31.06

    Creative Steps -Time Out Class

    Crafts Programme By Tina Kardasinska Leave a Comment

    We love ‘time out’ and our new class got off to a great start last week producing crafty wall-hangings in hessian and felt. Hearts and love was a popular theme! It’s a really friendly group, so looking forward to everyone getting to know each other a lot more over the weeks to come. Today our lovely artist, Fiona, will work with the group to create cut-out style art-works inspired by French artist, Matisse and American urban artist, Keith Haring. Sounds fab.

  5. Crafts Prog

    Family Days – Commonwealth Crafts

    Crafts Programme By Patraig Gallagher Leave a Comment

    In collaboration with Glasgow Life we will be offering an array of exciting crafts from different corners of the world. We will be celebrating the crafts of Commonwealth countries with some ‘come and try it’ workshops in a diverse range of arts and crafts, something for all the family.

    When: Saturday 26th July 1:00-4:00

    Where: Ibrox Library

    Contact: Tina Kardasinska, Plantation Productions: 0141 387 2596

    Places are being offered on workshops to try out some of the crafts techniques used by our fellow commonwealth countries. To book a place or find out more just contact us. (Adult Workshops)

    When: July/August

    Where: Cardonald Library

    Contact: Plantation Productions