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    Universal Comedy Workshops

    Arts + Wellbeing By Patraig Gallagher Leave a Comment

    There are still places left on the Universal Comedy Workshop at The Portal and still three sessions to go . So if you’re interested in comedy or just looking to try new things, now is the time. There’s no requirement to perform just come along, have fun, a cup of tea and make some friends at the same time.


    If you’re interested and would like to join in/get more information please get in touch.

    “I would recommend anyone to try it, because it’s brilliant for your confidence” (“Walking in my shoes” participant)


    When: Monday 13:00 – 15:00

    Where: The Portal, 978 Govan Rd, G51 3AJ

    Contact: Angela Ross, Plantation Productions 0141 445 1666 ,

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    Feevents Fabulous Friday

    Children + Families By Jayne Henry Leave a Comment

    Great time had by all at Feevents fantastic gig last Friday at The Portal.
    The Create Crew, families and friends were treated to a brilliant line up
    of talented young people, including two of our “Clydeside Story” performers,
    Andrew and Aeryn. Congratulations to them on their first ever singing gig
    and thanks to Fee McKenzie for all her organisation.

    Fee Aeryn Andrew pic 050914

    Fee event crowd 050914

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    Creative Steps – Sewing Class

    Crafts Programme By Tina Kardasinska 1 Comment

    The Thursday sewing group goes from strength to strength … I know we look like we’re about to enter Bake-off, but our beautifully sewn aprons are not ready to get dirty just yet! Every machine is in use on Thursday mornings with the progressors group and again a full group of beginners every afternoon. Great work from our lovely tutor, Morag, and as our first block comes to a close … popular demand brings about block 2 from October-December. We’ve got it all sewn up!

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    Creative Steps – Outreach

    Crafts Programme By Tina Kardasinska Leave a Comment

    Aw the end of our Beginners Jewellery Making Courses at Brand Street and the Stewart Centre … fantastic work done by everyone and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know each other. Cheryl – great to hear all the comments your gran got wearing your jewellery to the wedding – and Anne-Marie getting all those likes on facebook about your jewellery – and Kathleen your friend who never wears fashion jewellery changed her mind and wore yours! We did good! (Great to see some faces at our Time Out class at the Portal.)
    Due to popular demand we will continue with Progressors level jewellery Oct-Dec. A festive frenzy of present making is planned ….